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Curriculum Development at FHI

This summer, FHI’s curriculum development team has been working on numerous projects, including a series of asynchronous online courses focused on different significant points in a marriage: divorce, and a… Continue reading Curriculum Development at FHI

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Love, family, support, friendship. Close up of african-american male and caucasian female hands holding. Concept of relationship, trust and confidence, helping hand, tenderness and warm.

Trauma Informed Organizations

It’s wonderful to see how many people are learning about Trauma-Informed Care in order to provide services that are responsive to the needs of their clients. There is a growing… Continue reading Trauma Informed Organizations

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How Does Motivational Interviewing Relate to Financial Health?

How does Motivational Interviewing (MI) relate to financial health? Many people think of MI as a counseling technique or an approach to working with addictions, but it’s really an approach… Continue reading How Does Motivational Interviewing Relate to Financial Health?

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